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2008 Hummer H2 Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

The 2008 Hummer H2 carbon fiber dash kit has evolved with the new interior design. The legendary Hummer interior traditionally was an industrial machine design that came out of the early sixties. This attracted young and old to this rugged sport utility vehicle which took the market place by storm in 2003. The big box on wheels which some automotive journalist called it was about to leave a big foot print on the planet. GM had no idea how crazy customers where for the SUV and the Hummer dealers couldn’t get enough of them to fill their lots. This craze for hip new sport utility was beyond belief.

2006 Hummer H3 Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

This 2006 Hummer H3 carbon fiber dash kit is a factory OEM core replacement H3 carbon fiber dash kit. Unlike other Hummer H3 carbon fiber dash kits this replaces the factory parts with the man made 2 on 2 twill pattern weave pattern laminated to the original parts. These are not 2D overlay kits also known as peel and stick dash trim kits that are all over the internet. The Hummer H3 carbon fiber dash kit comes out of the stables of Simon Wood Dash in California. The photo shows a custom made 15 piece carbon fiber trim kit that has been in many car shows and in many Hummer H3 owners interiors.

2007 Chevrolet Corvette Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

Chevy Corvette carbon fiber dash kit has a major “ WOW ” factor. The Simon Wood Dash company keeps pressing the Corvette enthusiast buttons. This interior upgrade personalizes the vettes interior to one custom car restyling taste. This 2007 Chevrolet Corvette carbon fiber dash kit is the sports car fanatics wet dream. It makes the interior pop out like a true race car, but leaves a suttle taste of class that makes an every day driver rip up the streets.


Audi A6 Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

Audi A6 carbon fiber dash kit fits the Audi S6 interior also. The Simon Wood Dash Audi a6 carbon fiber dash kit is true gem in design and craftsmanship. This 10 piece factory core dash trim kit is precision engineered for an exact fit. The simulated carbon fiber finish is unique since it looks more real then the real carbon fiber after it been fabricated. The clarity in the clear coat and the high polished finish truly make customers wanting to have other vehicles done with the carbon fiber wrap. The Audi A6 carbon fiber dash kit is truly an interior enhancement the car enthusiast wants and demand.

2007 GMC Yukon Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

2007 GMC Yukon carbon fiber dash kit is unique as it accentuates the interior colors inside the newly redesigned cabin. The interior enhancement brings clarity to the Simon Wood Dash Yukon carbon fiber trim kit. The two on two weave pattern that is laminated to the factory OEM cores are breath taken to say the least. I mean if you’re a car nut then the carbon fiber look trim kit is for you if you boast a dark interior. This really makes the interior of your Yukon “pop” your eyeballs. If you are a sports car enthusiast then you will understand what I am talking about. So if I say for example you need to buy this 2007 GMC Yukon carbon fiber dash kit immediately because this will get you chicks. You shouldn’t hesitate for a second, you’ll do what ever it takes to get the kit installed in you new Yukon.

2007 Infiniti G 35 Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

Simon 2007 Infiniti G35 carbon fiber dash kit is one of the best faux synthetic carbon fiber dash boards ever built. This factory core replacement dash kit have been named by many industry experts as the best carbonized acrylic used for design since decorative interior patterns have been created. This looks better the real carbon fiber dash kit and won’t loose its luster. When you first see the 2007 Infiniti G35 carbon fiber dash kit your first reaction is “Wow”.

Pontiac Solstice Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

Pontiac Solstice is a roadster that turns heads. It has been on the market since July 2005 and has been selling in strong numbers. The Solstice roadster is perfect for a few aftermarket accessories. One that comes to mind in particular is the Pontiac Solstice carbon fiber dash kit from Simon Wood Dash. This factory OEM replacement dash kit is unique in comparable to others on the market, because this is a full replacemnt dash.

Hummer H2 Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

Hummer H2 Carbon Fiber Dash kit has been seen every where. If your a true Hummer H2 enthusiast then you know what I am talking about. Simon Wood Dash has leads the way by making Factory OEM dash kit since 1982. These Hummer H2 Carbon Fiber Kit first hit the market in 2003 when the launch of the Hummer brand. The factory OEM core replacement dash kits are not a double side 3M adhesive it is not a molded cap. The Hummer H2 Carbon Fiber Dash kit is the exact parts the vehicle comes with. Simon Wood Dash takes them and then custom coats them with the proprietary fabrication process. Oh boy isn’t that a mouth full, basically you send the parts and they coat them.

2007 Cadillac Escalade Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

The 2007 Cadillac Escalade carbon fiber dash kit is a unique blend of modern design with a sports car look for the new Cadillac Escalade interior. This custom dashboard enhancement is custom made by the one and only leader of custom wood dash kit since 1982 Simon wood dash in beautiful sunny California. Simon Wood Dash Kits are the leader in decorative automotive interiors for the luxury car market for many years. They come up with some of the most unique dash board trims in the industry for Cars, Trucks and SUVs.


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